17(b) Disclosures of Paid Compensation to CrowdTide.com by Issuers for Publicizing Offerings (Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D 506(c) Digital Marketing for Offerings)

CrowdTide.com may receive compensation for publicizing / advertising / promoting / marketing certain Equity Crowdfunding Offerings including Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D 506(c) Offerings. When it is clear that advertisements and promotional content publicizes the offering of an issuer’s securities (that the Issuer is conducting an offering with various statements below), CrowdTide.com is under no requirements to disclose compensation under Rule 17B. Statements are included with advertisements (depending on the Regulation Type and phase – Live or Test the Waters) such as (but not limited to) in The Widget stating “Company X is offering up to X Amount under Section 4(a)(6)/Reg CF with security type Equity at X each at X Platform [hyperlink].” and in other communications for Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D 506(c) stating that “Company X is conducting an offering at X Platform [hyperlink].” (or directed to the Issuer’s website offering page if it is self-hosted -- self-hosted direct offerings at the Issuer’s website through a broker dealer and/or attorney are common with Reg A+ and Reg D 506(c) offerings) as well as various other statements with advertising / promotional content such as “Paid Advertisement of Issuer’s Securities Offering” and live clickable link to Offering Circular for live Reg A+ offerings along with a hyperlink to the named Platform hosting the offering and for Test The Waters Reg A+, a text legend. However, to be fully transparent, CrowdTide.com, Inc. does disclose according to Rule 17B within our Disclosures Page on CrowdTide.com and within the Disclosures Section of the Terms of Use as well as other areas such as within the Disclaimer on Spotlight pages. A link to Disclosures can be found at the bottom of any page on CrowdTide.com. Disclosure statements and/or links (depending on character count limit provided by Social Media medium) to the Disclosure page on CrowdTide.com may also be included in advertisement and promotional content outside of CrowdTide.com such as in (but not limited to) email alerts, text alerts, social media, pins, infographics. Fully Read our Entire Terms of Use before proceeding to and using the rest of this Website.


CrowdTide.com, Inc. displays compensation disclosure here for the duration of the publicizing of an offering for Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D 506(c) clients, as per Rule 17(b).

Find Client Filings for each client here. It is important that potential investors read each company's SEC filings.

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